• Terriann Stallings

10 Baking Tips For Coachable Bakers

Ever wondered how you can make your own cake? Well wait no longer, in this article, we're going to share 10 tips you can use from home for baking.

  1. How to make a pound cake lighter in weight. Separate your eggs, whip the whites until peaks form. Fold into your batter until incorporated.

  2. How to make buttermilk when you don’t have any. When your recipe calls for buttermilk, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to per one cup of milk.

  3. How to keep pie crust edges from burning, place aluminum foil around the edges while the pie is baking.

  4. How to make buttercream frosting fluffier. Add meringue powder and whipping cream to powdered sugar mixture.

  5. How to make light and fluffy pancakes. Let cook until you see holes in the batter, flip over and don’t press on the pancake. Leave it alone and let it cook on its own. When mixing batter, use cold water. It makes the batter fluffy.

  6. How to prepare great peaches for a peach cobbler. Cook the peaches all the way. Cook until tender and juicy.

  7. How to create great pastries. PUT ALL YOUR LOVE AND HEART INTO THE PROCESS.

  8. How to make real red velvet cake. Make it chocolate. Add red food color.

  9. How to have your cakes bake evenly and not fall. Don’t over mix the batter.

  10. How to keep nuts in a cake from settling on the bottom of the batter. Coat the nuts with flour and then fold them in the batter.

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