Our Specialty

TeeLaiz specializes in that southern, homemade taste! Our customers tell us everyday that no pastry can touch TeeLaiz Desserts. That’s why they keep coming! And I thought it was because I was so sweet! TeeLaiz is about serving people who love sweets and just want to have a premium dessert at an affordable cost.

Our Story

How many of you remember when you were growing up, and as a kid you’d be in the kitchen standing oh so close to your mom while she was baking a cake? You couldn’t wait until she gave you the spoon or the beaters to lick! And if you were really good, she’d let you lick the bowl – remember?! That’s what TeeLaiz is all about! That buttery, homemade, hypnotic goodness all wrapped up in all of our desserts. We’re here to satisfy all of your sweet cravings. We are Certified Female Minority Owned Business

Sweet Southern Goodness

TRUE STORY! My friend Ron searched all over trying to find the best sweet potato pie! He went into Walmart and found that Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie.  He tried it and called me pleading, “Can you make me a sweet potato pie”? I need a pie that tastes like my mama’s pie! Now because I’m so sweet, and sweets is my thing, I knew I could make him a good pie! It might not taste like his mama’s, but I knew it would be good. It was a hit! Ron got right on the phone, called his mama, and told her he had found her sweet potato pie twin!

Gluten Free

Need a gluten-free custom cake? We’ve got you covered!


Desserts that is so good you won’t believe it’s vegan!

Sugar Free

We provide sugar free baking that is diabetic friendly and taste great.